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New OMEGA Constellation Watches with Aventurine Dials

Legendary Swiss watch manufacturer Omega has just announced 10 new ladies models that will join the brand’s Constellation collection for 2020. Fitted with stunning blue aventurine dials that feature brilliant diamond-set hour markers, these new additions offer a unique and luxurious aesthetic that perfectly embodies the spirit of the Omega Constellation collection.

New OMEGA Constellation Watches with Aventurine Dials

The Omega Constellation Collection

The Omega Constellation first debuted in 1952 as a chronometer wristwatch for men. Since its initial release, the collection has expanded to offer an assortment of models for both men and women in a range of different sizes and materials. Additionally, over the years, the Omega Constellation has seen countless updates and variations, changing with the times to incorporate modern technologies and better suit contemporary preferences.

Throughout history, watches from the Omega Constellation collection have been powered by both mechanical and quartz movements, and the line even featured some digital models during the height of the quartz era during the 1970s. However, regardless of the style or type of movement, precision and accuracy have always been hallmark traits of the Omega Constellation collection.

New Aventurine Dial OMEGA Constellation Watches - 18k Yellow Gold

The Modern Omega Constellation Design

The original Omega Constellation watches featured traditional case shapes and were fitted with ‘pie-pan’ dials, which are characterized by their sloped outer edges. However, in 1982, the Omega Constellation received a major aesthetic update with the introduction of the ‘Manhattan’ model that introduced the now-iconic claws (known as ‘griffes’) that extend from the sides of the case over the bezel.

The new design codes introduced by the Constellation Manhattan were bold and modern. A stark visual departure from previous models, the new design immediately separated the Omega Constellation from anything else on the market and set the standard for all subsequent generations. While they now reflect several decades of advancements and refinement, the modern Constellation watches that Omega produces today are still largely based on the design of the original Manhattan model from 1982.

New OMEGA Constellation Aventurine Dial Watches - Stainless Steel

Omega Constellation with Blue Aventurine Dial

The 10 new Omega Constellation watches with aventurine dials are all ladies models with case sizes of 29mm and available in either stainless steel, 18k yellow gold, 18k Sedna gold (Omega’s proprietary rose gold alloy), or two-tone blends of stainless steel and 18k gold (both yellow gold and Sedna gold models are offered for the two-tone configurations). Additionally, bezel options for these new Constellation OMEGA watches include either the standard brushed bezel with engraved Roman Numerals or one set with brilliant diamonds.

Retail prices range from $8,450 for the stainless steel model with an engraved steel bezel to $27,5000 for the solid 18k gold models with diamond-set bezels. Additionally, it is also worth noting that while certain luxury watch brands charge a premium for their rose gold models, the 18k Sedna gold and 18k yellow gold Omega Constellation models have identical retail prices, and the same applies to the two-tone steel and gold models.

New OMEGA Constellation Watches with Aventurine Dial - Two-Tone 18k Sedna Gold

The stunning new dials are crafted from a slice of genuine blue aventurine and feature 11 brilliant diamonds for the hour markers with a date window at the 6 o’clock location. Additionally, the hands and settings for the diamond hour markers are crafted from either yellow, white, or Sedna gold to match the case and bracelet material of the specific watch. Since aventurine is a naturally occurring stone, each dial will be entirely unique, with the deep blue color and shimmering mineral inclusions recalling the appearance of a star-filled night sky.

Staying true to the Omega Constellation’s iconic and enduring design, the new models with aventurine dials feature the collection’s signature bezel claws and distinctive mono-rang integrated bracelet. Powered by either the Cal. 8700 or Cal. 8701 Master Chronometer movement (depending on the metal type), these new Omega Constellation watches continue the collection’s long-standing commitment to accuracy and precision.

*All images courtesy of OMEGA

New OMEGA Aventurine Dial Constellation Watches - Diamond Bezel

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