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ReferenceRef Description Buy
114060 Rolex Sub marynr - Non Metal, 40 inches, Black $9,000
114200 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $3,220
114210 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $3,800
114234 Air-King - Oyster Perpetual, Steel & White Gold, 34mm, Oyster $4,000
114270 Explorer - Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $5,500
114300 Oyster Perpetual - Steel, 39mm, Oyster Bracelet $5,800
115200 Date - Steel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $5,390
115210 Date - Steel, Engine Turned Bezel, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet $5,500
115234 Date - Steel & White Gold, Diamond Dial, 34mm, Oyster Bracelet X $5,000
116000 Oyster Perpetual - Steel, Colored Dials, 36mm, Oyster Bracelet $4,800
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Founded in 1999, Bob's Watches is the leading online marketplace for buying, selling and trading used Rolex watches for men and women. With over 20 years of experience, and thousands of satisfied customers, we carry the world's largest selection of used Rolex watches for sale as well as other top brands like Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe and more. Our pre-owned Rolex exchange is known for providing excellent customer service and offering the best prices through our low-price guarantee. All watches listed on our site are in stock and immediately available for free overnight shipping. Our selection is meticulously inspected and authenticated by third-party experts, ensuring every luxury watch listed on our store is 100% certified authentic.


Located in Newport Beach, California, we are proud members of the BBB, the IWJG, Jewelers Board of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce.

Along with a wide selection of new and used models for purchase, Bob’s Watches is the most trusted destination to sell vintage and contemporary Rolex watches at full market value. Our Rolex serial numbers chart look-up tool helps owners learn when a specific piece was manufactured, and by filling out and submitting the form on our Sell Rolex page, viewers can get exact estimations on models in question. In addition, our YouTube video helps visitors learn "How to spot a fake Rolex."

Trust, honesty, and transparent pricing. Bob's Watches offers the largest and finest selection of used, pre-owned, and vintage luxury watches from brands including Rolex, OMEGA, Patek Philippe, Panerai , and more. It has become the ultimate destination for consumers looking to buy, sell, or trade certified pre-owned timepieces, attaining a BBB A+ rating, and has been quoted and featured in many of the world’s leading news publications.

Paul Altieri

Paul Altieri

Founder and CEO | Bob's Watches

Want to Get a Great Price for Your Rolex GMT-Master or GMT-Master II?

If you are looking for the best place to sell your Rolex GMT-Master or GMT-Master II, then look no further. Bob's Watches offers the most up-to-date price appraisal service, making sure you receive full market value.  Sell a Rolex today for the best price.

Why Sell My Rolex GMT-Master With Bob's Watches?

When looking to sell Rolex GMT watches for the best price you need a reputable trusted name. We are proud to be the leading online marketplace for preowned Rolex watches. Bob's Watches makes it simple, efficient and, most of all, safe to buy and sell through our website. Unlike others in the industry, we are Rolex specialists, with a team of dedicated experts and Rolex-trained watchmakers on hand to ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible, from start to finish.  What's more, we are the only company to give our customers complete transparency; we print exactly how much we buy each watch for and how much we sell it for, right there on our site. Our staff have decades of combined experience between them, allowing them to keep on top of the constant market fluctuations in prices for various Rolex watches. 

What Can Bob's Watches Offer You?

  • The Best Market Rates
  • Immediate Payment, Either in Cash, Check or By Wire
  • Rolex-Trained Specialists
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How to Sell My Rolex GMT-Master With Bob's Watches

Selling your Rolex GMT-Master or GMT-Master II through Bob’s Watches couldn't be easier.  Simply fill in the Free Instant Quote Request Form on our website, or alternatively call our team at (800) 376-7430, and you will receive an immediate quote on the value of your watch.  If you are happy with the quote, carefully package your Rolex watch up and we will send you a pre-paid and insured shipping label to attach to the box. Then just drop it off at your nearest FedEx collection point.

Once your Rolex GMT-Master is safely with us, one of our experts will record a video of their assessment of its condition and quality, to verify it matches the description. We will then phone or email you to confirm the value and how you would like to be paid. Bob's Watches has the fastest payment methods in the industry, through either cash, checks or same-day wire transfers, as well as offering the best prices. Sell a Rolex today.

How Do I Find Which Rolex GMT-Master I Have?

Like many of Rolex's most famous watches, the GMT-Master is a very long running model, and has gone through several different references. The value of these various series of the watch can vary massively, mostly based on their rarity, but likewise the makeup of the piece itself. From the second generation on, alongside the standard steel case versions, the GMT-Master has also been available in both solid gold and Rolesor, Rolex’s own name for their two-tone blend of gold and steel. Some of the most recent generations have also been issued with highly jeweled bezels and dials. 

But how do you find out which one of the eight (so far) Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II ranges you have?  Every model has a reference/model number, which identifies the particular generation of the watch (with either 4, 5 or 6 digits), as well as the metal it is made from and its bezel type.  This number is found on the top side of the case between the lugs, meaning you will have to take the bracelet off to see it.  Below we give a rundown of the different Rolex GMT-Master series, the years they were produced, and their variations.

Rolex's GMT-Master range has been the last word in luxury traveler's watches for more than 60-years now.  Known for the distinctive color schemes on each model’s rotatable bezel, the GMT-Master gives wearers a quick, easy and stylish way to keep track of two or even three different time zones at once. One of the most popular tool watches in Rolex’s Professional Collection, the modern day version is massively in demand, and vintage examples have consistently remained highly sought after.

Rolex GMT-Master

Reference Number Production Years

Reference Year
Series 1
6542 (Steel) 1954-1959
6542/8 (Yellow Gold) 1958-1959
Series 2
1675 (Steel) 1959-1979
1675/3 (Yellow Rolesor 14k or 18k) 1959-1979
1675/8 (All-Yellow Gold) 1959-1979
Series 3
16750 (Steel) 1979-1988
16753 (Yellow Rolesor) 1979-1988
16758 (All-Yellow Gold) 1979-1988
Series 4
16700 (Available in Steel Only) 1988-1999

Rolex GMT-Master II

Reference Number Production Years

Reference Year
Series 1
16760 (Available in Steel Only) 1983-1988
Series 2
16710 (Steel) 1989-2007
16713 (Yellow Rolesor) 1989-2007
16718 (All–Yellow Gold) 1989-2007
Series 3
116710 (Steel) 2007-2018
116713 (Yellow Rolesor) 2007-2018
116718 (All-Yellow Gold) 2007-2018
116758 SA (Yellow Gold w/Diamond & Sapphire Bezel) 2007-2018
116758 SARU (Yellow Gold w/Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire) 2007-2018
116758 SANR (Yellow Gold w/Diamond & Black Sapphire) 2007-2018
116759 SARU (White Gold w/Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire) 2007-2018
116759 SA (White Gold w/Diamond & Sapphire Bezel) 2007-2018
116759 SANR (White Gold w/Diamond & Black Sapphire) 2007-2018
116769 TBR (White Gold w/Diamond Bezel, Dial, Case, Bracelet) 2007
Series 4
126710 (Steel) 2018-Current
126711 (Everose Rolesor) 2018-Current
126715 (All Everose Gold) 2018-Current
126719 (All White Gold) 2018-Current
126755 SARU (Everose w/Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire Bezel) 2018-Current

How Much is My Rolex GMT-Master Worth?

Every reference family of the GMT-Master differs in value.Generally speaking, the older and/or rarer the model, the more it will be worth. The condition of the watch and whether or not it is all original also have a large bearing on the final price, as well as the metal from which it is made. Strangely though, while the GMT-Master has long been available in solid gold and Rolesor, it is often the all-steel models which are among the most valuable.

The following table shows the average price range for each series.

Rolex GMT-Master

Reference Number Approx. Price

Reference Number Approx. Price
6542 $35,000-$300,000+
6542/8 $150,000-$300,000+
1675 $12,000-$150,000+
1675/3 $9,000-$25,000
1675/8 $25,000-$100,000+
16750 $9,000-$45,000+
16753 $8,000-$25,000
16758 $20,000-$80,000
16700 $9,000-$25,000+

Rolex GMT-Master II

Reference Number Approx. Price

Reference Number Approx. Price
16760 $10,000-$25,000
16713 $8,500-$25,000
16718 $25,000-$40,000
116710 $10,000-$40,000+
116713 $10,000-$20,000+
116718 $28,000-$50,000
116719 $30,000-$52,000
116758 SA $70,000-$150,000+
116758 SARU $40,000-$100,000+
116758 SANR $70,000-$100,000+
116759 SARU $80,000-$100,000+
116759 SA $80,000-$100,000+
116759 SANR $80,000-$200,000+
116769 TBR $400,000-$500,000
126710 $15,700
126711 $14,800
126715 $38,250
126719 $36,500-$39,900
126755 SARU $140,000

What Can Affect the Price of My Rolex GMT-Master?

As you can see above, there is often a huge gap between the minimum and maximum prices for a particular reference.Two watches that may look almost identical to the untrained eye can vary in value by tens of thousands of dollars. So what causes the difference? With the Rolex GMT-Master, it can be a wide range of things.

For instance, the first reference, the ref. 6542, was initially released with a Bakelite bezel. But after just a couple of years the material was found to be too brittle and easily cracked, especially if the watch was worn in hot climates. As well as that, it was believed the lume used for the numerals was harmful. The result was Rolex recalling the watches in the U.S. market and the insert being swapped for an aluminum replacement from around 1956 onwards. In addition, any sent in for a service with a Bakelite bezel would be returned with the aluminum substitute. Today, a ref. 6542 complete with its original bezel commands prices far higher than one with the metal insert.

That is just one example. Because the Rolex GMT-Master is such a long established series, there have been any number of these sorts of variations over the years which can have an enormous bearing on value.In many cases, the color scheme is a big factor, and there have been a series of now famous two-tone combinations, most of which have garnered their own unofficial nicknames:

  • Pepsi:This blue and red livery was chosen for the very first GMT-Master watch, the ref. 6542, to help wearers differentiate between night and day at a glance. The Pepsi is the color scheme most identified with the GMT-Master range since the beginning.
  • Pink Panther:The Pink Panther describes a very limited run of the steel ref. 1675 from the 1960s with a Pepsi bezel, where the lower red half of the surround has faded to an attractive fuchsia color.
  • Coke:The very first of the GMT-Master II series was given a black and red bicolor bezel, nicknamed the Coke. Almost as well known as the Pepsi, it has been absent from the lineup for many years now.
  • Root Beer: Debuting in the early 60s, Root Beer is the name given to a gold or Rolesor GMT-Master with a black or brown dial and either an all-brown bezel or one with a half brown/half cream split. More of an acquired taste than the Pepsi or Coke, it can be found on several vintage references (sometimes referred to as Tiger Eye or the Clint Eastwood) as well as two of the most popular versions in the contemporary lineup.
  • Blueberry:Probably the rarest, and most controversial, of all the GMT-Master bezels, as it was never an official public release, the Blueberry is simply an all-blue bezel. Some maintain it was a special order for the UAE government (with whom Rolex have a long history) while others claim it is not a genuine Rolex product at all.
  • Batman:The first two-color scheme to find its way onto Rolex’s new Cerachrom ceramic material in 2013, the blue and black bezeled watches were quickly given the nickname Batman.
  • Black:Not a nickname, but there have been several models of the GMT-Master with an all-black bezel. These tend to be the most affordable versions of their specific reference.

Of course, the bezel color represents only part of the value. The number of dial variations over the GMT-Master’s production have been immense, especially in the earliest references.Rolex have changed their basic dial setup a few times during the GMT-Master’s run, with gilt dials being used up to the mid 1960s, then swapping to matte dials. These changed again in the late 80s to the current glossy type.But within those categories is a massive amount of variety. On the ref. 1675 alone, there are at least 14 different dial types recognized, some of which only vary in something as trivial as the brand logo being slightly flatter than on others, or there being serifs on the letters of 'Rolex.'

Slightly more noticeable are the case profiles, and particularly the crown guards. These weren’t introduced until the second generation, when they were pointed in shape. Only made for two years, these examples (nicknamed ‘El Cornino’ after the Italian word for horns) gave way to broader guards, which in turn quickly evolved into the rounded sort of the current collection.It can all get a bit confusing, and is just one more reason entrusting your GMT-Master to Rolex experts for valuation is so important.

Below we look at some of the major variations between watches, and how they are reflected in the price.

Rolex GMT-Master

Reference Number Approx. Starting Price

GILT DIALS (1954-1966 APPROX.)

Reference Number Approx. Price
6542 (w/Bakelite Bezel) $90,000
6542 (w/Aluminum Bezel) $35,000
1675 (El Cornino Crown Guards) $30,000
1675 (Broad Pointed Guards) $25,000


Reference Number Approx. Price
1675 (Fuchsia Bezel) $25,000
1675/8 (No Crown Guards/Brown Bezel) $50,000
1675/8 (Crown Guards/Brown Bezel) $30,000
1675/8 (Crown Guards/All-Black Bezel) $25,000
1675/3 (Root Beer Bezel) $12,000
1675/3 (All-Black Bezel) $9,000


Reference Number Approx. Price
16750 (Pepsi Bezel) $10,000
16750 (All-Black Bezel) $9,000
16753 (Root Beer Bezel) $10,000
16753 (All-Black Bezel) $8,000
16758 (Root Beer Bezel) $25,000
16758 (All-Black Bezel) $20,000
16700 (All-Black Bezel) $9,000
16700 (Pepsi Bezel) $10,000
16700 (Coke Bezel) $10,000

Rolex GMT-Master II

Reference Number Approx. Price
16713 (All-Black Bezel) $8,500
16713 (Root Beer Bezel) $10,000
16718 (All-Black Bezel) $21,000
16718 (Root Beer Bezel) $25,000
116710 LN (All-Black Bezel) $10,000
116710 BLNR (Batman Bezel) $14,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Rolex GMT-Master and the Rolex GMT-Master II?

While the two series look almost identical, the main difference is on the inside. The original models have the two hour hands—the main one and the additional GMT hand—mechanically linked, so they cannot be adjusted independently of each other. That means the bezel has to be rotated so the correct hour numeral lines up with the GMT hand to show the second time zone.

The GMT-Master II, debuting in 1983, freed up the two hands; the main hand jumps in one hour increments without influencing the GMT. Because of that advancement, the bezel can be used to display a third time zone.

Is the Rolex GMT-Master a good investment?

As one of the truly legendary watches in Rolex's canon, ranking up there with icons such as the Submariner and Daytona, the GMT-Master has always held strong investment potential. It has many elements in its favor. It is the most famous traveler’s watch, from the most famous manufacturer, with an interesting backstory, a very long production history and a distinctive look. Prices for vintage models, and particularly the steel versions, have shown excellent growth over the years, and there is no reason to think that will change any time soon.

How much is a Rolex GMT-Master worth?

If you take a look at our charts above, you can see there is a huge scope in pricing for the GMT-Master range as a whole. At the most affordable end, a preowned model can cost as little as $8,000, whereas one of the ultra rare debut references, with all of its original components still in place, is a long way into six figures. A lot depends on the specific watch, its age, rarity and especially its condition. Bob’s Watches offers a free instant quote, just fill out the form or give us a call.

When is the best time to sell my Rolex GMT-Master?

Arguably, there isn't really a bad time to sell any Rolex watch. As easily the most recognizable and aspirational manufacturer of them all, the demand for the brand’s products is always extremely high. Rolex watches are often given as gifts, either for birthdays or Christmas, so the holiday season frequently sees a spike in interest. But they also make the ideal way to mark important milestones, such as graduations, work promotions or retirements, so they have an all year-round appeal.

Where is the best place to sell my Rolex GMT-Master?

As you probably already know, the vintage and preowned watch industry is vast, worth billions of dollars a year. Unfortunately, that level of success has attracted a fair number of dishonest traders, more than willing to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Whether buying or selling, it is absolutely vital you find an honest dealer, and one who is especially knowledgeable about both your individual watch and the brand behind it. Bob's Watches are Rolex specialists, and our team has decades of experience between them. We offer the best possible price for your watch and, what’s more, we are the only company with our Rolex Exchange program. That means we list both the selling and buying price for specific Rolex watches, so you can see the approximate market value of your model before you make any commitment.

How do I sell my Rolex GMT-Master?

Selling your Rolex GMT-Master is easy at Bob’s Watches. You can either fill in the Free Instant Quote Request Form on our website or call one of our team at (800) 376-7430. The more information you can give us about the specific model (reference, year, condition, etc.) the more able we will be to come back with an accurate assessment. Uploading photos is a big help too. If you are happy with our quote, you just need to make sure the watch is well packed and we will send you a pre-paid and insured shipping label. Simply attach the label to the box and drop it off at your nearest FedEx collection point. When we take delivery of your GMT-Master, one of our Rolex-trained watchmakers will make a video of the unpacking and appraisal to ensure it matches the description. We will then contact you to confirm the price and how you would like to be paid; either cash, check or same-day wire transfer.

What if my Rolex GMT-Master doesn't work?

Just because your Rolex GMT-Master has stopped working, it isn’t a deal breaker. We are happy to look at any Rolex watch, in any state of repair, and see whether it would be economical to bring it back to a working condition. And we will still offer you the best price we can.

Can I trade-in my Rolex GMT-Master?

Yes. If you would like to discuss trading-in your GMT-Master, just give us a call on 1-800-494-3708.

How can I tell if my Rolex GMT-Master is genuine?

Sadly, counterfeit Rolex watches are rife in the preowned and vintage market. While these used to be fairly easy to spot, modern advances in technology have brought about a new wave of copies, known as Super Fakes, which are almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing without very careful examination. The best way to be sure you have an authentic GMT-Master to sell is to send it to us and have one of our expert team evaluate it.